Rename WRC to WRC.BAT in CMakeList.txt

• Jun 1, 2011 - 15:26
S4 - Minor

[09:19] schepers OK, the source hasWRC.bat and WINE.bat. the WRC.bat conflicts with my install of OpenWatcom. I simple rename WRC to WRC.BAT inside of mscore/mscore/CmakeLists.txt and the issue is resolved.
[09:20] schepers Since this change only affects the Windows build, can someone make this permanent? I can't see any side-effects as I have to make this change to _every_ source brank and trunk I want to compile.


Just to add some clarification, the WRC command (found in each copy of mscore/mscore/CMakeLists.txt in the .96 branch and the trunk) executes the WRC.BAT found in the source in the same folder as the Makefile.mingw file. The WRC command conflicts with the OpenWatcom WRC.EXE (Windows Resource Compiler). Each one of these CMakeLists.txt must be changed, changing the occurance of WRC to WRC.BAT. Personally, I would also change WINE to WINE.BAT.

Status (old) active fixed

Renaming wrc in wrc.bat would break the cross compiling configuration (that should be already broken enough ;). I added two variables in the cmake config file to make a cleaner solution for this issue. Let me know if it's not ok for me.
It's commited in r4329 and r4330 in both trunk and branch.

I'm curious how it would break cross-compiling? Since it is a Windows BAT file, it can only run under Windows. The only WRC command I could find was in the one CMakeLists.txt file, and it was only in the one Windows MINGW subsection. Both the Mac and Linux versions don't seem to call that command.

I'm testing your fix now. but I suspect it will be OK.

In a cross compile environment, the actual wine and wrc binaries are executed. The bat files are just faking these binaries on windows. Historically, the whole build system has been developed for linux first, then to cross compile the windoww build on linux, and then windows and mac.

Understood. It's going to take me some time to get into the MS structure. It's much larger and more complex than anything I've ever been involved in.