Double error message on opening a 2.0 score

• Jun 2, 2011 - 21:11
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

When you open v2.0 scores in MS 1.0 via the desktop (double-click on the icon) or clicking on a link in the forums you get an second dialog as seen below:

second dialog box

Opening via Open or Open Recent doesn't show this so I doubt this box should be displayed at all. See discussion in about it.


Status (old) fixed active

I quick compiled branch 4333 but I still get the extra dialog when I double-click or open a weblink of a 2.0 file. Every other method to open files, even dropping an mscz file on the mscore.exe icon, will not show the extra dialog.

I am doing a full re-compile just to verify but I doubt it will be fixed.

The long R4333 compile is finished and the extra dialog is still coming up.

I do have one correction: dragging an mscz file onto the mscore.exe icon does bring up the extra dialog. So, if MS is not loaded then the extra dialog comes up, and if MS is already running then the dialog doesn't come up.

In mscore.cpp, when I changed the line you added from "if(errno != 0 && !noGui)" to " if(errno != 0 && noGui)" (note the "!" removal on noGui), it worked.

Status (old) active fixed

Hopefully better fix in r4334

(@schepers, noGui is false if MuseScore is not launch in command line conversion mode, so your suggestion will remove the error, always).

Thanks Lasconic, it seems fixed. I tried opening 2.0 scores under the 1.x 4335 build using every method I knew and nothing extra came up.

Regarding my change to your code, I plead ingorance. I feel like a cave-man in a china shop.