Create New Score defaults

• Jun 23, 2011 - 20:31
S4 - Minor

Some of the default values when using "Create new score" are counter-productive:

1. When checking the "Pickup Measure", the default time sig should not be the same as the normal measure count (4/4). It gets rather annoying to check this and always have to reduce it down. Rather, it should start lower, so I would suggest starting at 1/4 for a pickup measure.

2. Why only create a score of 12 measures? I know people will have to learn how to add more measures, but I suggest raising the default starting count to something more useful like 32 or 48. Since the score compresses the measures, this will still fit nicely on one page.


Thanks for the quick response on this request! I was expecting a bit more of a discussion on the default measure count as 32 was my lowest end (it is also usually my default) but it's better than the miserly 12 that it was. Even 48 or 64 would all fit nicely on one page.