[1.1] Enharmonics not preserved when toggling concert pitch in baritone saxophone part

• Aug 13, 2011 - 17:12
S4 - Minor

1. open score referenced below, not the F#'s in the two saxophone parts
2. turn off "concert pitch"
3. turn it back on

Result: alto is back to F#, but baritone has changed to Gb
Expected result: both are back to F#

I'm assuming the reason that baritone saxophone exhibits this while alto doesn't - both are Eb instruments - is the extra octave.

Here's the score: //musescore.org/sites/musescore.org/files/issues/11bugs.mscz . This same sample score will be used to demonstrate a few other bugs, so stay tuned...


Additional information - this also applies to extracted parts. That is, I turn off concert pitch in the score, make my enharmonic spelling adjustments, then extract parts. The adjustments are preserved in the extracted parts for all instruments but bari sax

I think the workaround would be to have the bari part actually only transpose a sixth as far as MuseScore's automatic transposition is concerned, then manually transpose the octave.

BTW, I have no idea why it works for tenor saxophone - which is also a transposition of over an octave - but fortunately, it does seem to.