Ledger lines are still visible for invisible notes

• Sep 5, 2011 - 15:04
S4 - Minor

An issue to do with liturgical composition.
This is to do with the need to enter hidden tied notes which make the playback of reciting notes correct.

The problem is that the ledger lines are still visible, so when you print out the score there are lots of little horizontal lines in the alto and tenor voices!

This is important due to the irregular nature of some of the texts we are setting to music. If you make all the notes visible it results in a very messy score, so I hide the inessential notes and change the head type of the note or chord at the beginning of the bar.

Example score attached.

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Advent SundayB-PSalm80.mscz 8.72 KB


fixed in trunk revision 4751.
Ledger lines are now invisible, if the whole chord is invisible.
Augmentation dots are invisible, if the note is invisible.