Sustain Pedal Events are not working properly

• Sep 19, 2011 - 13:08

On checking the forums, I have noticed that there are several references to this problem, however nothing seems to be being done about it so I'm adding my threepennorth :)

As things stand at the moment the Sustain Pedal symbols when dragged to a note can only be set to coincide with the MIDI Note On event.

Now this is fine for the Sustain On event, however it means that the Sustain Off event is happening too early - ie on the Note On event rather than Note Off event.

I thought maybe there would be a work around via the MIDI properties section of Stave Text, but this does not appear to be working yet as nothing I try to type in the boxes appears to work.

Ultimately it would be good to have the Sustain Off event coincide with the Note Off event, but in the mean time is there any way we can access a MIDI Event Editor?


The Sustain Off symbol has to be anchored to the next note (the first note not sustained). The sustain off event is then send before the note on midi event. This works also for rests. Sustain off is send (at least) one midi tick before the rest tick position.

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The only trouble with that is that it is causing problems by not allowing you to send another Sustain On event on that note's Note On event.

If the Sustain Off event was linked to the previous Note Off event it would then (presumably) allow another Sustain on event on the following note.

This is an essential part of piano playing technique that is currently not working properly in MuseScore's playback, and whilst I accept that MuseScore is not a full blown MIDI sequencer it is desirable for this to be amended.

I've had a look at the Piano Roll editor but that doesn't even show Sustain events!

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I now see how to get nearly adequate and reproducible results. THANKS!
From the thread that re-opened this, I vote for the supporting the multiple paths to the end.
The multiple staffs thing was almost working but since it's not a standard way to read I imagine needing a non chord implode/explode function that would retain the individual staffs as voices.
Presumably my vote will mean something more if I pony up a contribution... which I do mean to do.

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