Bagpipe Doublings

• Oct 7, 2011 - 13:57

I was please to see that MuseScore is able to read bww files.
They seem translated quite well and look nice.

In particular the doublings are well done.

May be it already exist but I am new to MuseScore and I did not find it. My request is the following:
I would like now to create a new score from scratch. I need to enter grace-notes and doublings.
For the grace-notes it seems quite easy from the palette.
But for the doublings I did not find a way to do it.

I am looking for a "palette of doubling" (we have tons of them for bagpipe) ... does it exist ? or .. is it possible to create it ?


For those of us not familiar with bagpipe terminology, could explain what you mean by "doubling" in this context? Perhaps post a sample score showing what it's supposed to look like?

Just a wild guess, but perhaps you are referring to notating with multiple voices - in which case see the section on Voices in the Handbook.

If doubling are several grace notes, just select a main note, double click on a grace note in the palette, select the main note again, and double click again in the grace note palette.

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Yes, doubling are several grace-notes played before melodie notes to embellish them ( There is many of these ornaments. Some of them are build with 5 notes or more. They are used a lot every where in this music and it would be impossible to
retype them note by note each them you need them. Dedicated piping music software provide the whole collection of them.
By the way I notice that the translation from bww files done by musescore does not cover all of them.
Ok I guess musescore is not appropriate for bagpipe music.

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Look in the bagpipe player help or in the Celtic Pipes palette and you will see the missing ones.
I found 2 or 3 when translating the Irish Sea score.
Any way, translating from bww is one thing but we would like to right new scores and putting the grace notes one by one each time we want to write a complex embellishment is a real pain !... no way we can do that.
Also I found a bit hard to write a drum score. I did not managed to put the notes up and below the line. They are always *on* it... well I managed once but was not able to do it again ... I am sure I looked to quickly.

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could you provide a list of the missing bagpipe doublings (both the bww encoding and the translation into notes), preferably in the support and bug reports forum ? I will gladly add the missing ones. Strange as it may seem, I do not have access to any DOS or Windows bagpipe software, so I don't have access to an exhaustive list myself. The list of doublings contained in the bww importer is actually based on Lilypond information.

Concerning the input of new scores, do you have any proposal on how to do this ? Given MuseScores general user interface design, the most obvious solution would probably be adding an additional palette containing the bagpipe doublings. This would allow drag and drop of a complete doubling onto regular notes. Non bagpipers would be almost unaffected, as the new palette can be left collapsed. I would consider this a valid feature request for a next MuseScore version.

Regards, Leon.

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I think your pdf of the bww embellishments was cut off.. not all of them are there. For instance, I was looking for the "chedare", and it's not showing up, so I'm guessing it didn't get included.
So there's no way for a regular person like me to edit and add new embellishments?

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All doublings in the attached file are now handled by the bww importer. Furthermore I have created (and added) a testfile containing all of them. See trunk update in revision 4879.

Fix will be in 1.2 and 2.0 (and in the nightly builds soon).

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