MusicXML: Errors in Import and Crash after closing

• Nov 22, 2011 - 07:34
S2 - Critical

I try to import a MusicXML-file (attached) which is exported by "Primus (Columbussoft). This seems to be fine up to measure 31. After that, starting at measure 32 no playback is working and everything looks a bit messed up the more you move to the end. If You either close the score or Musescore the program crashes.

The developer from Columbussoft told me he imported the XML into "Finale 2009" and "Encore 5.0" which worked as expected. He could reproduce the problem with MuseScore. So it seems that the problem lies within MuseScore.

I am using MuseScore 1.0 on Ubuntu, but tried it also with current V1.1 under Windows.


Cause found: the file contains overlapping slurs that do not have a number attribute to distinguish them. E.g. in the first (soprano) part, the B in measure 31 has three (!) slur type=start elements. These slurs stop in measure 40 at the C, which has three slur type=stop elements.

Even though this is strictly speaking not allowed in MusicXML, MuseScore should not crash when it encounters this. Furthermore, I suggest you report this as a bug to the Primus developer.

Finally, our competitors do not crash. I tried Finale Reader 2011 and Sibelius 6 on Windows.

Will also try to fix this in MuseScore, both the 0.9.6 branch (a.k.a. as 1.2) and the trunk (the 2.0 to be).