Accidental after a tied note

• Mar 28, 2009 - 01:06
S4 - Minor
  1. Open file attached: "Accidental after a tied note.mscz"
  2. Select the second note of the first measure
  3. Press + to add a tie across the bar line

Expected behavior: In the second measure the second C sharp should display an accidental

Actual behavior: In the second measure the second C sharp does not display an accidental

"Altered pitches that are tied over a bar line remain altered in the new measure. An accidental must be placed in front of the next note of the same pitch as the tied note if it is also to be altered." Anthony Donato, Preparing Music Manuscript, (Englewood cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.,1963), 45 [emphasis added]

First reported by Xavierjazz:

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I believe this still happens in build I am using. Probably a regression.

Version; Build 3280

Status (old) active needs info

The attached file works for me using stable (revision 3507). First upgrade to the latest stable version. If you are having a different problem please start a new thread with exact steps to reproduce the problem.

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Doesn't seem to be fixed in r. 3570 trunk (self-built, Windows 7). The actual behavior is still the same as perotinus' screenshot in comment #5 (above).

(Sorry, my mistake)

Status (old) closed active

Looks like this has become broken again in 1.1. Perhaps as a result of fixing other accidental-related bugs that were present in 1.0?

Following original instructions demonstrates the problem nicely.. If there were a fourth priority "serious:" between "normal" and "critical", I'd put this there.

Odd, I would have sworn this was working in 1.0, but of course, you are right. I guess it's not as big a deal as I'd have thought. Workaround is to use the symbols normally used for "courtesy" accidentals.

What a complicated enterprise MuseScore really is.

Re: Symbols: that's what I do, but, of course, I'd like that automated.

I'm again struck by the many contributions by the many contributors.

Thanks to all,

FWIW, if there is any chance of this being fixed for 1.2, I think the effort would be worth it. To my thinking, the worst kinds of bugs are not crashes but cases where incorrect output is created for correct input, especially insidious things like this than can catch you unaware and cause you to generate parts that will be played incorrectly unless you notice this every time it happens and fix it manually. In the score I am completing right now, this is the one bug of this type that I keep encountering, over and over. I've got dozens if not hundreds of these ties, and I won't be a bit surprised if I end up missing some.