Re-laying the palette

• Feb 8, 2012 - 00:02

I wanted to know what the opinions were about how the icons in the palette are laid out, because I think it appears uneven.

Some are presented in a row of 6 (Frames), 4x3 (Symbols) and 6x2 (Beam Properties), etc - the size of the icons varies too. I also wonder whether there should be empty boxes - instead, the icons should spread. Some may prefer the icon size to remain the same in each - it could depend if you have a personalised set, though.


I don't object to what function you want stored in the palette - just some aspects of how it's laid out, which I don't think is customisable.

For example: In 'Tremolo', you have ten boxes, but only eight icons - space wasted (especially if I arrange the top to have 'through stem' and bottom 'between notes').

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