Menu -> Plugins is not translatable

• Mar 12, 2012 - 11:26

Menu -> Plugins is not translatable

In German it might be Plug-Ins, or Script-Erweiterung.


Menu -> Plugins will not be made translatable in MuseScore 1.2. To make it happens all the plugins need to be translated. "Plugins" come from each plugin, in the menu declaration part.

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Oh, OK, clever...
so it is translable in the plugin itself

{syntaxhighlighter brush:js; gutter: false;}
var pluginName = qsTr("some name");
var mscorePlugin = {
menu: qsTr("Plugins.%1") .arg(pluginName),
init: init,
run: run,
onClose: close
(how to get rid of that useless horizontal slider?)

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And I would not do that in a plugin currently... Since you will have Plugins for non translated ones and the translation of plugins for the others...

Horizontal slider ? get a modern browser ;) I don't see slider in Chrome 17 or firefox 10 on windows or on Safari on Mac OS X.

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