Arpeggios for different voices

• Sep 13, 2012 - 02:45

Does anyone know of examples in which arpeggios are used for each voice?

Currently when applying an arpeggio to a note (use attached score - produced in 1.2), it only spans the notes in the voice.

Is this a bug, or a feature?

Also see these:

#10578: Arpeggio length should only cover applicable notes
#16884: [MusicXML] Arpeggio doesn't appear over multi-voice notes

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (e146aba) - Mac 10.7.4.

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Ideally you'd want both options. Can't say Ive ever actually a case where one would need to span voices, but can image it happening. I would assume the chird articulation editor in 2.0 would allow one to get playback correct one way or another, so I would assume it's kind of a non-issue.

you can only do this if you have 2-3 voices. you put in your notes as usual, then, in the spare voice that you're not using, put all those notes in and add the arpeggio. Go into the viewer, make the spare voice invisible and make the actual voices not be played.

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