Distortion in sound playback after several measures of play

• Dec 1, 2012 - 18:19
S4 - Minor

I just downloaded and installed the 11/28/2012 nightly build. Without making any modifications whatsoevr to the default opening of the program from the 'bin' folder, playback became unpleasantly distorted. Would be undesirable and hindering in trying to create a composition and evaluate the way all the parts would sound together....
I'm running Windows XP Home and am using a Soundblaster Creative PCI Sound card. ( I have had no issues with sound playback when using any of my other programs.)

GIT commit: e04dc04


Have you tried adjusting the reverb settings in the Synthesiser page?

This usually fixes the problem in 1.2.

We thought this was fixed in the Nightlies, but apparently not.

I just loaded: MuseScoreNightly-2013-02-05-2106-5c50827 and also experienced the problem. (running Win7)
Before I had the same in 1.2 (after a reinstall) where it was solved by setting Reverb to 0.
This did (so far) not help in this Nightly.
Although this does not crash the program, nor destroys info,
it renders the program near to unusable, quite serious I would say.
As I am just starting as a 'tester', it's not completely clear to me what information would be of interest.

This bug has been observed on Linux and on Windows but only on particular systems. It is always solved by changing the reverb setting in Display -> Synthesizer. After a short discussion with Werner, we came to the conclusion that it could be due to Denormal numbers created by the reverb effect. It needs some more optimization.

So far I can confirm the problem as solved. My setup is Linux Mint 14 with Qt lib 4.8.3.

After merging the commit and compiling, I tested a score known to have this problem on this platform with reverb slider at 0 and I played more than 200 measure without any sound glitch.