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• Dec 7, 2012 - 18:39
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See attached screenshot.


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It isn't clear what are you trying to show here. Underscore/extenders are not used to join syllables; only to extend words across multiple notes. There should be a hyphen, not an underscore, between "chris" and "tos". Had you entered this, you'd have seen the hyphen - although indeed, it's probably spaced too tightly by default, and that should be improved.

So if you'd like to change the title of this to reflect that ("not enough space allocated for hyphenated words", or something to that effect) that would be fine. Or explain more clearly what you actually mean. As it is, I just can't tell where you tried to enter the underscore or what you thought it was going to accomplish given that there is nothing to extend.

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I'm sorry, I'm trying to spread that syllable across two notes, I thought that was clear.

That's why I titled it "Underline" and not dash.

Oh God it's hard to communicate to you, are you sure your first language is not Spanish? (Sabatella is not a genuine American family name...)

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I agree with Marc. You have three syllables and three separate notes. The syllable "Sus" is on the first, "Chris" in on the next and "tos" is on the third _tied_ note so you can't spread the syllable. Also the pic is very small and fuzzy so the detail is lost.

OK, I just tried this and yes, lyric entry in the nightly is very broken. As soon as I went to enter the melisma, things went very wrong. See the attached measure shot...


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OK, for the love of God, sus is on F and Chris was entered on G prolonged with an underline across the first A where tos would be on the next A.

What on earth is so hard to understand???

And just for the record schepers, I don't really care.

I've been a member of this project for the last 4 years (though under a different username previously) so I usually deal directly with the developers.

Actually, I'd really like to be ignored by Sabatella because he NEVER understands the issues I'm posting so I'd rather have him stay away from my threads and stop wasting my time by requiring me to painstakingly explain everything to him.......

Which two notes are you trying to stretch a syllable across, and which syllable are you trying to stretch? What I see is three notes - one F, one G, and one A (the latter extemded via a tie) and three syllables. So for obvious reasons, I assume one syllable per note. "sus" on F, "Chris" on G, "tos" on A. Since "Christos" is a single word, you should have a hyphen - not an extender - between "Chris" and "tos". Extenders should be used only after "tos" to make it clear the syllable extemds throughout the tie.

And FYI, there is no such thing as a "genuine American family name", unless perhaps you mean, Native American names like "Running Horse", which to my knowledge are not normally used as "family names" in the European sense. All "family names" in the US are native to the country from which one's ancestors immigrated. In my case, Italy. But that was something like 150 years ago. No one in my family has spoken any language other than English in the home for at least four generations, probably more.

In any case, in the future, pelase try to include more informatipn in issues submitted. Most should be be submitted in the form of a series of steps to follow, what the expected result of following those steps should be, and what the actual result is. Generally, including an actual score rather than a picture helps. And in cases where there is any doubt whatsoever over whether the observed behavior constitutes a bug, a feature request, or just a question what the proper behvior is or what the best way is to achieve a given result is, that's what the forums are for.

"OK, for the love of God, sus is on F and Chris was entered on G prolonged with an underline across the first A where tos would be on the next A."

Why are all the A's tied then? It makes no sense to enter a "_" when the notes are tied. Regardless, I've confirmed the melisma bug (which might already be reported anyway).

There is only one A to be sung in your example. The others are tied to it and hence would not normally have lyrics attached. How on earth could anyone have guessed you were trying to enter a syllable on a note that isn't actually sung? And in any case, that's still an incorrect use of underscore. Again, a hyphen is the correct symbol to use to connect syllables within a word, regaledess of whether melisma is involved or whatever tou are attemptng to place a syllable under a note that is not actually sung. So indeed, it is still not completely clear what you are trying to do here or why.

For some reason, you have developed a personal vendetta against me. I have no idea why, but if you would explain things clearly in the first place, I wouldn't have to ask for clarification. Posting clear issue reports is the surest way to avoid my asking for clarification.

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Just see the screenshot from schepers and leave me alone would you.

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There are two As to be sung vocally it's just that a syllable is being stretched over the first A but the performer will still interpret it though it won't have a syllable of it's own.

Marc, please just leave my posts alone, I don't have anything against you except the fact that you don't get anything that I'm writing but somehow everybody else does.

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And for the last time, I'm STRETCHING the syllable Chris over the G and A, THAT'S what I'm trying to do.

For the love of God what is so hard to understand?

The syllable tos is on the next A.

And no, it's not a HYPHEN I have to use, it's an underlining/underscore because a syllable is being sung across more notes.

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Your comment at #3 can not be tolerated. Or you change your tone of communication 180°, or your account will be blocked. It's up to you.

Edit: an apology to marc is in order as well.

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Until the bug that prevents melismas and hyphens to be used sequentially when splitting words into syllables, it's much easier and still quite obvious to only use a hyphen across all the required notes. If indeed your choir is a professional as you say this should not present a problem.

I'm done with responding the ad hominem attacks. But the technical issues still need to be addressed.

No, it is *not* correct that underscores are to be used when a melisma occurs within a word. It might seem logical to do it that way, but that's just now how it is done. Hyphens are used to connect syllables, whether or not the first syllable is also a melisma. This rules is pretty much uiniversal among every publisher I know of. So no, you simply should *not* have an extender between "Chris" and "tos". And it is similarly incorrect notation to try to place "tos" under a syllable that has a tied going into it. It just doesn't make musical sense.

That said, the build I have installed doesn't actually behave particularly strangely if you try this invalid input, but it does put the extender at the end of "tos" too low. I guess when that bug got fixed a little while back, a new one got introduced, and that is what schepers is seeing.

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Again I close this bug. Discussion is sterile and should be carried out somewhere else.
Please read http://musescore.org/en/developers-handbook/how-write-good-bug-report-s… again before submitting another bug, or don't bother.
Here is a proper bug for the behavior you encountered #19238: Extending a melisma on two notes makes the melisma colide with previous lyrics

As an additional note, requesting an account to be deleted is too easy. Be cautious when you talk online and you will not need to be ashamef of what you previously said.