MP3 export not an option

• Nov 23, 2013 - 18:29

I am running version 1.3 which I downloaded last week, but trying to save as an MP3 is not an option in Save As. I would download the lame_enc.dll but how would I use it??


If I'm not mistaken lame works on Nightly.
There are several conversations on the subject, in the forums.
But, now, the box "research" seems to be capricious...

Download and install the latest Nightly:

Download and install lame_enc.dll # lamewindl

Open your score with the Nightly and export as mp3 ...


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The advantage of .mp3's is that they're considerably smaller than the corresponding .wav files (between 1/3 and 1/10 the size, from the few tests I've run), which would make a lot of difference if you have limited space on your mobile device.

I just downloaded the LAME library myself, and it's quick and easy.

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Although, if you out it in the place where Audacity normally would want it, then MuseScore will find it without any user intervention. If you ever envision wanting to edit an audio file, you might want to downlaod Audacity first, use it to install LAME, and then MsueScore gets it for free. But otherwise, indeed, you just need to tell MsueScore where you put it, when it asks.

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I'm running Windows 8.1, and I downloaded and ran Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe. It gave me two copies of lame_enc.dll, one in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lame for Audacity" and one in C;\Windows\SysWOW64. I think the latter location is probably where MuseScore found it, and it happened automatically because MuseScore never prompted me for its location.

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