People in some countries (like mainland China) usually don't have VISA cards or any other form of paying methods for the pro features. How are we supposed to do with it? Could the developers please add some other paying methods?

• Jul 12, 2018 - 07:05

It's pretty much explained in the summary. We usually don't have VISA, American Express (that's obvious), or any other card to pay for the pro features. Thus, we aren't able to go pro, nor even get a trial period as that also needs billing details. Could the developers please add some other paying methods, such as AliPay or WeChat payment (hot paying methods in China), and possibly other ones to hopefully make any other person who doesn't have access to VISA convenient to purchase pro features? A million thanks to you.


To the person who has been gifting me pro anonymously for almost a year -- I've newly found a way to purchase pro from the apple store, there I can use AliPay to pay. I cannot thank more for your kind action and if you can give me your name, I can gift you back a year of pro.

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