File Saved to an unknown location

• May 18, 2019 - 08:38

I have been working on a file all day, remembering to press save, CTRL S, and the little save icon at various points throughout my project's history. However, when I came to edit it again after leaving for a while (saving, put my computer on hibernate) it was gone. I am running version 2.0.3, and the only version of the file loaded is the very first version of it (like 10 minutes in I saved before I left for work. It even shows that it was last modified 5 days ago in Windows File Explorer, and that's the most recent file...) I am looking in C:\Users[myusername]\Documents\MuseScore2\Scores and opening the file there but finding nothing. Using the "open recent scores" feature did nothing. I am POSITIVE that I have been saving.



First, I guess you are aware that's an extremely old version and that literally thousands of bugs have been fixed since then, best to update.

That said, one of the bugs fixed some time ago has to do with what happens after crash. My guess is you had a crash at some point, and the next time you started MuseScore, you accepted the offer to restore your previous session, but then you didn't do "save as" on the recover score, so it's continuing to save it elsewhere. Depending on the specifics of the situation, it could be still in the "autosave" location mentioned in the link above about backups, or it could be in the "virtual store" (do a search on that term for more info).

Or it could be you simply had saved a different folder, in which case the usual WIndows search facility should find it for you.

Here's my final guess: I somehow had the score open in two different windows, and when I closed musescore it saw that the first draft was not the same as what I had been working on so asked me to save. I pressed yes and the "final" draft was overridden by the first draft.

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