importing pdf

• Oct 15, 2019 - 14:05

I wat to import a PDF, then I get this:
PK����cJO=��������������META-INF/container.xmlU�A� ��}OA�S�I��<�����Ph��_������3�:��|���u�EL���������>R�+�LNiq>Pyצ��� �q�Y^0e�vжg�t8�

how can I get a pdf with sheetmusic in Musescore 3,3


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I don't get that link, only PK����cJO=��������������META-INF/container.xmlU�A� ��}OA�S�I��<�����Ph��_������3�:��|���u�EL���������>R�+�LNiq>Pyצ��� �q�Y^0e�vжg�t8�

You get that because your browser thinks it's something it can show you.
Use File → Save Page As… (or the equivalent) and name the resulting file ending with .mscz

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