Musescore unusable in professional setting.

• Oct 18, 2019 - 19:52

Musescore takes over 3 full minutes to start up, every action from scrolling around, to keyboard shortcuts, to drawing in notes, to loading scores will take seconds to get done, sometimes even minutes, or even result in a crash. Its pretty much unusable at this point. and i have this same problem on all of my computers. all of my coworkers report the same issues to me.


If you are finding MuseScore takes 3 minutes to startup, you probably have very large soundfont specified as your defaults (e.g., MDL). Under normal circumstances, startup is s quick as any other program. If you need to use MDL, I suggest you leave MuseScore running to avoid the startup delay, or unload the soundfonts.

As for other actions taking long, we'd need you to attach a specific score and precise steps to reproduce the problem. MuseScore should normally respond virtually instantly, even with fairly large scores - it's about as fast as any other professional notation program on average.

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