Undo does not undo accidental during note entry

• Nov 12, 2019 - 18:14

If you enter a note with an accidental by pressing the accidental button then a note letter key and then change your mind, undo only seems to undo the last operation; the toggle status of the accidental is "remembered" .

For example:
In note entry mode
1. Press #
2. Press G
3. Result: G# is entered.
4. Press CTRL+Z or Alt+Backspace or the undo button

  • Result: Note and accidental are removed.
  1. Press C
  • Result C# is entered.
  1. Instead of step 5 press # then C
  • Result: C without an accidental is entered. It does not matter if the duration is changed, you still get a C without an accidental.

This behaviour seems confusing (wrong?) to me, and is somewhat associated with another problem encountered since changing to prefixing accidentals during note entry


Since accidentals are now a toggle until the next note is pressed, this is actually consistent. If you choose a duration, press a note then undo, the note is undone but the duration remains. There is of course one minor difference, the duration will remain until a new duration is entered but the accidental only applies to a single note.

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I must admit, I hardly ever look at the state of the duration buttons or the accidental buttons during note entry as I am usually touch typing (I have shortcuts for flat, sharp and natural). If I had looked I guess the behaviour would have been less surprising. Ah well, this old dog has another new trick to learn.

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