Inputting music via MIDI keyboard

• Nov 14, 2019 - 10:12

Hello all,

I have read the handbook and watched the video for semi-real time and tried. My question is for a friend who is not very computer-literate and is thinking to use MuseScore when his prime interest is to enter music in MuseScore whilst playing the part on the keyboard.
The only easy way I see for him is to do it in two phases (1) Input the rhythm using the computer keyboard (2) Set the input to repitch and play the tune on the MIDI keyboard.
Am I right? Would this be the easiest way for someone who is not very computer-literate?
In the past he used a software which would allow him to connect via MIDI, set the tempo, play, and here it was. The software was able to equalise the notes slightly out of timing to work out the exact rhythm given a time signature and a tempo. It would be great if MuseScore could do that but I don't seem to see that.
Looking forward to your informed replies, thank you.


Your friend should be able to use either of the Real-Time modes. Just keep in mind that you can only record one instrument at a time and there is some quantization being done because people don't play perfectly. This is actually a setting the user can select and should be based upon the shortest note he will be recording. See and the following section for an explanation of these input modes.

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