• Jan 26, 2020 - 22:43

This is a scam. Read the reports online before you sign up for anything including a “free” 30 day trial that for some reason requires a credit card (should’ve been my first clue this was a scam). Tons of stories of people like me who were charged full yearly prices before the trial period ends. You email their support and they bounce you back and forth between their .com and .org sites. Then they blame apple and itunes. The whole process is designed to drag it out so you can’t get it voided with your credit card company. I contacted apple and they processed a refund and suggested I post negative feedback as the only real thing a consumer can do. So here it is and will be in iTunes as well. Buyer beware!

Comments does not offer a 30 day trial, because there is nothing on this site to pay for - it's all free. Presumably you are referring to the trial offered on, and you didn't read what you were signing up for very carefully, but feel free to go over to that other site to discuss that.

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