Transfer of my own score to a new device

• Feb 17, 2020 - 15:39

I recently got a new laptop and my old one literally has hundreds of scores that I had been working on. How can I transfer some of them to my new laptop without having to upload them directly to the website and then downloading them from there?


Your scores are (by default) stored inside the MuseScore folder in your Documents/home directory. You can copy them for example onto a USB stick using your standard file browser (explorer/finder/nautilus/...) as they are just the same as any other file on your pc in that respect.

Copy them across using your local network. Or use the good old sneaker net, copy onto a USB thumb drive on the old computer, carry to the new computer (the sneaker part ;-)) and copy from that thumb drive.
Or use any cloud service, OneDrive, Google Drive, dropbox,, you name it.

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