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• Mar 2, 2020 - 06:32

Having more problems here - I don't know if it's this program or something else in my 'system' causing erratic occurrences/changes, so I suspect that what happens (in the score) is not always what's Supposed to happen! Anyway, my question has two parts:
1. How does a voice's 'instrument' get changed (accidentally)? and
2. How do you change it back? I assume that a voice's instrument stays with it (when getting 'exchanged'); in one score, whether I select Voice 1 or Voice 2, and change the instrument (in Mixer>Sound field), it changes both voices. In another score, there is one 'part' that I cannot change, even after Exchanging w/ other voice. I found a 'workaround' - going to Staff/part properties and selecting [general] instrument ("Voice") but it changed the (treble) Clef to one without the '8' ('octave' - used in Barbershop) plus, I couldn't choose a specific instrument. So, back to my question(s) - is there a way to change instrument of one voice? I'm sure this is done in orchestral scores. I've attached a score this time!

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I meant to add: 1. The 'workaround' in Staff/Part properties changed both voices (expected) and 2. In the attached score, I couldn't change the voice in the upper staff which starts G - B - E. (It has a brass instrument assigned, and I want "Choir aahs" (or something else)

If (and only if) an instrument has more than one channel in its instruments defintion (as per instruments.xml or via a 'handmade' template), like Trumpet (open/mute), Violin (arco/pizzicate/tremolo), and infact those (singing) voices from the Barbershop template (tenor/lead, bari/bass), you can indeed assign voices (1.4) to those channels, and then in mixer assign different instruments to those channels.

Done for both in the attached.

BTW: better use the '...expr.' version or sounds, to have the ability for single note dynamics

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Yiu did use channels in your score, you did assign viices to them in both staves and did assign different sounds to them for the top staff, so you aopparently know how it works. Anyway, it is described in

My score does it for voices 2 and 4 too and also for the bottom staff too, and furthermore uses the expressive versions of the sounds "Trombone expr." and "Tuba expr."

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"Yiu did use channels..." If it was 'incidental,' okay, but I Never selected 'Channels' for anything.
I do Not want to change the sound of an instrument; nor do I want to "Change Instrument" as is done in Staff/Part Properties - this changes both voices in the staff. I asked for a way to change One voice, although Staff/Part Will work if I want both voices the same. So - 1. IS there a difference in Channel and Voice? (In the 'Channel' field of the Mixer, it shows a Voice that I assigned.) 2. In Mixer, why is Name editable, but Channel is not? 3. If I knew how to change Name and Channel, I think it would solve my problem!

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What exactly do you want then? If you want to have one voice (1-4) of a staff (voice/volac or not) to have a different sound than the others, what I described abobe (and you did for the top staff already) is exactly the way to go.

  • You need an 'instrument with different channels
  • you need a staff text
  • you need to tweak the staff texts properties to assign voices to channels
  • you need to tweak the mixer settings to assign different sounds to those channels

That last step is not needed (because done for you automatically) for instruments like trumete and violon and its channels.
Instead or additionaly to that last step you can also control the volume or panning of those channels. Or their mute/solo status

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Jojo - Did you read my last reply to you? I asked two specific questions that I would like answers to. And, there are questions prior to that which you evidently didn't notice. Other than that, you said, "you did for the top staff already" - What I did was either make both voices the same, or changed the one voice indicated by "Channel" in the Mixer. I could NOT change any other voice in the two staves. And, without answers to the previous questions, I can't understand this last reply.

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Andreas- (What happened to your message to me??) I Do know the difference in Instrument and Voice. I think I just noticed in the Mixer how it could have happened: The Channel indicated in the Mixer is the voice that gets changed when selecting an instrument from the list there. I would think that (Name, Channel info)
would change by selecting a different voice in the Score. (It doesn't for me) So, (See #3 above) And tell me this if you can: Why is the instrument list labeled 'Sound' ? (Probably because it's shorter!)

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