disappearing parts

• Jun 5, 2020 - 00:41

I have completed a small score for beginning band. There are 14 parts. I see (and have saved) all the parts. they all appear correctly on the score, but NOT in the individual parts tabs. (where you view and print a single part.) Most of them are there, but some have disappeared. the flute tab isn't available, nor does it come up when I go to print. The percussion parts are gone too. To be clear, they DO appear on the score, but not on the individual parts tabs. Even the TABS for those parts are gone. I must have done something, because those are the first 2 parts I looked at individually. I have looked in the manuel and the blog, but haven't been able to find anything to help.


It's hard to say without seeing the score itself, but if you go to File / Parts, my guess is you won't see the part there, so you'll have to generate a new one.

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