Custom Music Notation

• Aug 28, 2020 - 20:31

I do not like the standard (old) music notation... and the piano keyboard as well.
So I have designed more meaningful and comfortable ones.
How can I modify MuseScore (I am not a developer/coder/programmer) in order to look and perform as the shown Notation System?
Can anyone help me do it? Or maybe find it interesting enough and get involved to it, so we can finally make an evolution in Music?
Please, find the attached images bellow:

Pashkuli Keyboard B3 with logo.jpg

Pashkuli Keyboard minor 7th.JPG

Pashkuli Keyboard FHD.jpg

Plain Notation System_1.jpg
Plain Notation System_2.jpg
Plain Notation System_3.jpg
Plain Notation System_4.jpg


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