Wrong notes/not playing whole range-RD2000

• Dec 1, 2020 - 17:49

I'm trying to run my RD2000 piano over USB/midi into Musescore and when I start playing/recording my song, it's just not quite right. Notes are the wrong notes and some notes show up as rests and aren't recorded at all. What settings am I missing?

Win10, RD2000 v1.51


Hard to say without more information. Which note input mode are you using? What notes are you trying to enter? Can you attach the score you are having trouble with and say which measure and staff you are attempting to enter notes into?

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In the preferences I/O I'm using the
MIDI Input:MMSystem, RD2000 MIDI latency:0ms settings.

Attached the output of just running through the 88 keys one at a time. Midi input is "toggled on". The file is set for piano, key of C, 4/4, and other default settings. Some notes are recorded as rests, nothing shows up on the bass clef. I did have them linked once before to try, but it just doubled the nonsenseful output on both clefs. Notation done on Real-Time auto. When I play, you can hear the notes properly in the software. When notated though, some come up as rests and needless to say, play as rests when playback. Same applies when trying to play chords and melodies. All show up in treble clef only and some notes are notated as rests. Some notes aren't even notated as the proper note. melody lines will be notated as repeating notes.

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It's certainly normal nothing would show in bass clef until you choose to enter notes onto that staff.

Linked staves have nothing to do with piano, it's for guitar, to have standard & tablature linked so notes on one staff automatically appear on the other.

Real-time input is tricky, so do be sure to carefully read the Handbook and watch the demo. Do things work in standard step-time input?

Also be sure you don't have keys defined to do other things (like enter rests!) in Edit / Preferences / Note Input.

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Well poo, real time input was I'm looking for. I don't play fast either. To have it notate while I play the song on piano. Nothing but normal input set in the preferences. Even playing slow it misses notes. Guess I will have to find a pay to play notation software to get what I need. Thanks though.

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Real-time input does generally work, within the limitations documented. But it's not magic or really serious AI, in MuseScore or any other program. Better results will usually be obtained by simply recording your playing into a MIDI sequencer than importing the MIDI file. Still, usually significant editing is required to turn that into readable notation - MIDI simply lacks way too much information about notation to be as useful as you might dream of.

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