Bug - Loop Playback on Mac

• Jan 23, 2021 - 22:51


I downloaded a recent update and am noticing a bug in the playback. I will often select a section of music and loop it while I practice. I typically do this by selecting the first note then shift-selecting the last note, hitting the loop playback button, then hitting the play button. If I need to stop, I will press the play button again, however, when I do this, I cannot get the playback to stop even though the play button becomes deselected.

I am on version revision 1977cb3. I am also on macOS Catalina version 10.15.7.




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I am also wondering if it could be the file itself that is causing the issue. I had created this file prior to upgrading and after the upgrade, I was prompted to update the files with the latest fonts, I believe. I have attached one of the files in question for reference. I tried to copy and paste the file into a new score hoping the issue would go away, but it still remains.

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