No question. I just want to express my undying gratitude...

• Apr 16, 2021 - 02:07

I don't have a problem. I don't have a question. Well, I have lots but a quick search and some tinkering around usually takes care of the problem. I've never posted on this forum before.

I just have to express my eternal gratitude for this program. I can't believe how well it works. I can't believe it's ad-free. I can't believe the same dedicated people are answering forum questions over and over again. I can't believe how deeply it benefits my life. I can't believe how much it has benefitted my small child's life who loves nothing more than to watch the program play a little song that he wrote in his head and that I put to sheet music. It has helped him to grasp how music is read at a young age. I tried singing up for a pre-school program that turns sheet music into a Guitar-Hero-Style video game. It was hard fail because he was already accustomed to the real deal thanks to the program. He doesn't have the patience to sit at a piano. But I use the plugin and make chromanotes sheet music that he can play on the bells. Voila...a kid who would probably resent music if I had forced him to sit at a piano before he was ready just loves music and is already reading it.

This program is everything. It's a huge part of my child's education and it's certainly re-teaching me music that I haven't really done much with since I was in high school.

Thank you, eternally, to all the people who work on this program. Thank you for providing it to the world. People say they want to build something, make the world a better place. Maybe you don't always witness the good you have done sitting alone at your desk staring into lines of code, but I promise you, you've changed lives. You've built something great.


I couldn't agree more. I've tried all the competitors, and Musescore's note input, engraving, and overall UX massively beats everything else, and for 500-600$ less! Playback is not great, but that's gonna be massively improved in Musescore 4, so that's gonna be amazing.

Hi @amylynnlucas,

Thank you very much for this lovely feedback! I think I can speak both on behalf of the community and the internal team when I say that we're here first and foremost simply because this is what we love doing, but when we see that our effort has also benefited other people's lives too then that makes it all the more worthwhile.

I couldn't have said it better.
Thank you for writing this message, and my thanks to the MuseScore team and all the volunteers that answer our questions patiently like guardian angels.
Yes, searching online for solutions always ends up here at the forum.
At first, I was trying to methodically learn the software, but then as I became familiar with the basics, I realized that I was always one-click away from getting an answer by just doing a search.
That is the product of many years of continuous support on the thousands of questions that have already been asked.

Thank you!

I seriously love MuseScore too, and am consistently amazed such a high-quality, open licensed piece of software, with dedicated fixers exists at all. No ads, no fees (although the slightly sneaky links to the .com site take the gloss off a bit, and confuse people new to MuseScore no end). I'd love to see a sticky/message when you leave the 'free' MuseScore site via links on the .org site and transfer to the commercial .com site, but once you learn the distinction, it's no big deal.

Let me join in the gratitude! Such huge progress on a program that gets developed mainly on contributions is amazing. I'd contribute but I haven't done any real work to take "action" yet :')

Agreed! I'd like to express my gratitude as well, it can't be said enough. My life would definitely be a lot less musical without MusesScore, and all the hard work that has gone into it.

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