How to create measures without a time signature; Musescore 2.0

• Sep 22, 2014 - 13:07

I'm transcribing a work that suddenly inserts an adlib solo part, while the rests of the choir holds a chord. The original was formatted such that he wrote the whole adlib part in 1 measure only. It is possible to create a non-time signature bound measure such that I can do the same? thanks guys!


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when I press del, the whole thing gets deleted, including the formatting. I can't seem to just turn the time signature invisible like in ver1.

My problem is at measure 34, it's suppose to be an adlib measure, so I need all those notes inside that 1 measure. I have already formatted the measure to look like a 6/8, but I'd rather have the time sig invisible and just place a not above the measure saying "soprano adlib"

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