Music XML Open causes Program Abend

• Dec 25, 2009 - 19:04
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When opening a Music XML created from the open source program Audiveris Music Scanner, the program abends. The java application creates a Music XML Verson 2.0.


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I tried to open the musicxml file in Sibelius 5 and that wouldn't work either. The best step forward would be contact the audioveris developers and bring this issue to their attention.

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I had the same problem trying to get Audiveris MusicXML files to import into MuseScore. I struggled with Audiveris and MuseScore for the past 4 hours, but I finally figured out how to make it work without crashing.

By "it" I mean the complete package of scanning a physical score into a JPG, converting it into a digitized score, exporting it to MuseScore, editing and transposing it, and then printing it.

The problem I had was basically that while Audiveris works to import scanned score pictures and clean them up, its MusicXML export feature exports XML files that cause MuseScore to crash, which basically renders it all useless to me because I needed to be able to use MuseScore's additional features (not available in Audiveris) including transposition before I could finally print.

The key was to realize that Audiveris can also export the digitized scores into MIDI format, and it does so accurately (unlike its MusicXML process). Once you have the MIDI, you can import that into MuseScore, and then fill in the minor details that are missing. Yes, it does miss some of the stuff that you would have gotten via MusicXML. But MuseScore kept crashing over and over again no matter how I shortened, editing and otherwise tried to get Audiveris's exported MusicXML into MuseScore.

Using MIDI as the transition format is the best way I've found, and once I figured it out, the details were easy and fast to fix in MuseScore.

Good luck!

Hi asleep,

If you can provide the MusicXML file (upload it to the next comment), the developers can have a look at it and find out where the crash comes from.

Don't forget to note what platform you are using and what version of MuseScore.

hi asleep!

i found your comment of 04/27/2010 where you mentioned that using audiveris you can export the digitized scores into MIDI format. i have tried audiveris v.3.3 on WinXP/Java6 as well as on Linux/Java6 whereon recognition part proceeds well but exporting to midi does not work at all (the error warnings are identicall on both the platforms).

could you please tell me what platform and audiveris version you have used to run the scores export to midi successfully?

thank you in advance!