[Trunk] Natural after a tie accross barline

• Jan 19, 2010 - 11:11
S4 - Minor

In the attached file:

  • Select first note
  • Press +
    • Expected behavior: The whole and half are tied, the second flat is removed. The second half has a natural.
      Actual result: Whole note and first half are ok. The second half does not have a natural and there is no way to add one except using a symbol.

      May be linked to #1395: Accidental after a tied note


Status (old) fixed active

For me it still doesn't match the expected behavior described in the original bug report. The accidental on the second half note disappears when I add the tie.

(tested using r. 4830 trunk, Windows 7)

Title Natural after a tie accross barline [Trunk] Natural after a tie accross barline

The fix referenced in #7 was only in the branch.