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• Feb 9, 2015 - 23:27

I'm copying a had written score for another band and ran into the issue discussed in this thread:
I was able to make it work in the attached score but was time consuming and of course playback is no good.
I do agree with the last comment in that post as I have a few more scores to do and an easier method would sure help.

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Thanks. I was able to insert the image into a score but have been unable to add to the palette. When I click on the palette the window pops up with all the options but all are grayed out. I'm assuming the palette must be in editing mode to add an image.

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Emergency exit (if it can work):
I created my Workspace. *.workspace (the fixation for alphabetical order).
If I'm not mistaken MuseScore saves it in: Local / MuseScore / MuseScore2 / workspaces
and/or in C: \ Users \ YourName \ AppData \ Local \ MuseScore \ MuseScoreDevelopment \ workspaces . I saved a copy in a folder of my choice;
I added some custom palette * .mpal and saved a copy in a folder of my choice.
I imagine that if also I will restore MuseScore I will be able to recover those "backup copies".
If I am in error ... you will correct me, please

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Thank you very much. After much experimentation, I finally succeeded.
I just think I have a wrong version because Musescore was not able to open your file without an error:'this score was saved with a newer version of Musescore'.
My version is 2.0.0. But on the site is mentioned 2.0 beta 2...

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