Missing Melisma in Lyrics when importing XML

• Mar 4, 2010 - 16:19

When I import an XML file into musescore (from Sibelius via the Dolet plugin), the lyrics do not have melismas any more, the underline after the syllable that is sung over multiple notes is missing. How ever, Finale 2010 shows the melismas when importing via XML, so the Sibelius Dolet plugin does code the melismas into the XML file.
I tried musescore 0.9.5 and the nightly build 0.9.6 R2821, both lack melismas in the import.

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The tag in MusicXML to notate Melisma is "extend" and it's indeed not supported in MusicXML import for the moment.
The main problem is that MuseScore keeps the start and the end of the melisma and MusicXML just have the start of it. So end has to be guess.

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I downloaded 2.0.3 from the nightly builds and was able to use it to export and import XML without losing the melisma underscores.
Here are the steps I took:
1) I used 2.0.2 to save an mscz test file.
2) I opened the mscz file in 2.0.3.
3) I used 2.0.3 to export as XML.
4) I used 2.0.3 to import the XML file.
5) I used 2.0.3 to save the XML as mscz
6) I used 2.0.2 to open the mscz,
7) The melisma underscores were all there, as in the original mscz file.

Thanks, Marc.
From following the link you provide, it appears there is a 2.0.3 that fixes this.
I am not familiar with your nightly build process.
When may I obtain the newer version?

(By the way, why are all the links in these posts showing up today as line-out and pink highlight, in both Windows and Mac Firefox browsers?)

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