Staff with one line and repeat bars are not aligned

• Apr 19, 2010 - 09:06
S4 - Minor


  • Create a snare drum score
  • Drag a couple of repeat bars

-Actual result : the two dots of the repeat line are not at each side of the single staff line but both on top since the displayed line is the 2nd one of a normal 5 lines staff
- Expected result: The dots should be at each side of the line


Discussion: For one line instrument, MuseScore choose to display the 2 line of a 5 line system. It leads to several issue like this one, but also the rests not being attached to the lines. I wonder what would be the cost of changing this behavior to choose the 3rd line or even let the user choose which lines he wants to display.

Switching to the third line seems reasonable. The floating full-measure rests seems to be a separate issue. The vertical position of a full-measure rest should be different for a one-line staff than a five-line staff.

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