MIDI import gives unexpectedly silent notes

• Jun 2, 2010 - 22:37
S5 - Suggestion

The attached MIDI file imports into MuseScore and displays correctly. However, playback skips certain notes. I can't see anything in the note properties that indicates why these notes would not be played.

Saving as an mscz file and reloading gives exactly the same behaviour.

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Status (old) active fixed

Fix in the 0.9.6 branch in r3192. The testcase plays right.
In the trunk, notes don't have OffsetType anymore and the testcase cannot be opened. So it's beyond the scope of this bug.

Status (old) closed active

It looks like there are still some instances where repeated notes are not played.

1. Open bleach-change.mid
2, Press Play

Expected behavior: ties should affect the two notes that they are tieing.

Actual behavior: ties appear to affect all notes in the chord (even untied notes on the another staff).

For example if you look at the bass clef, measure 1, the bottom note should be sustained but the upper notes of the chord should repeat. For an example of a bass clef tie apparently affecting the treble clef notes see measure 2, beat 4.

Tested using r. 3258 nightly build (Windows 7)

MIDI file provided by Laptopdude: http://musescore.org/en/node/4264#comment-18130