Crash when adding note to wrong percussion staff

• Jun 12, 2010 - 03:06
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Create a new score with "Snare Drum" and "Bass Drum"
2. Press "N" to start note entry
3. From the drum palette click select "Side Stick"
4. Click to add a note to the bass drum staff

--> Crash

Workaround: Before step 2 above select a note in the bass drum staff as described in the handbook drum notation

MuseScore version: 0.9.6 stable

(Operating System: Windows 7)

first reported by VenetianMilw:


This is not at all 'fixed' by most users' ( and CERTAINLY not by ANY real programming ) standards.

The suggestion of a required sequence of events just to put notes on both staves is a "work-around", but not a fix. This is like walking on egg shells.

My personal opinion as a web app developer is that this needs to be revisited before getting to version 1. This should NOT be considered fixed and left unattended.

I just attempted to follow the sequence of steps EXACTLY as prescribed and the program still crashed. Windows XP AND Windows Vista.

Definitely NOT "fixed" as the status indicates.

Did you try a version > r3163 ? Like the nightly build r3172 ?
Did you get a crash? how?

I value your personal opinion (as a web app developer) a lot, if you have free time, your patch is also welcome. This is a free project.

r3145 was downloaded from the site yesterday - apparently I need to dig up a more recent revision.

Will advise!

As a web app guy, I'm familiar with development principles, but sadly not at all well versed in the specific language used here. Php, MYSQL, Javascript - then I could be of use to you.