How do I make a new intrument (soundfont) using my own audio file ?

• 7 years ago


Am new to Musescore (and like it lots !).
Would really like to use my own soundfonts to create my own instrument sounds with audio files I have made using audacity.

Cannot work out what to do (have looked in the handbook and this forum)

Would be very grateful for a quick how-to on doing this.

thanks in advance



You'll need a soundfont editor. A free one is Viena (with one N) see :
A tutorial :
Disclamer : I never did this myself and it seems to be quite a job.

You might also want to share your sound samples on :
Or check another soundfont editor : Swami.

Last thing :) if you manage to do it, I would love to read a tutorial from the ground. Even create the sample as you did is interesting to me.

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Hi! If anybody interested in a good, well arranged, crossfade looped, distorted double-tracked guitar samples I put them out here:

I just know how terrible does a midi guitar sound so some little help will be appreciated.

All the info is inside the archive. I think I'm gonna continue my guitar sample production in the future. But I also want to know is it possible to make a multisample based variation for each note with sound fonts?


I have created my own electric guitar sound fonts and I would like to use them in Musescore. I have about 18 different sound editors, could you be more specific and tell me what kind of format I must finalize my sound font to in order for Musescore to read it?

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