First time users confuse demo score for demo software

• Jul 2, 2010 - 21:44
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

It happens now and then that file time users confuse the demo score for being demo software. The main reason is because the title in the window mentions 'demo', the name of the default score. I personally like the idea of having a demo score opened by default but what other names can we it:

  • The real title of the score
  • A synonym: example

Obviously, we can discuss other options as well such as using a default wizard to guide first time users instead of the demo score.


I'd name it 'Example Score: (Name of Score)' It seems a bit long, but it's perhaps the most appropriate.
Perhaps the preferences> program start options should also show in a splash screen on the first run?

The idea of having a Wizard Guide is GREAT! :-) But I think that that should be in addition to having a Example Score (or whatever it is finally called) made available. These are not mutually exclusive things.

I suggest that the example set by NoteWorthy Composer -- of having a Guide (not interactive, in that case) help one to create a first score (in that case, it is of "Jingle Bells") -- is a good one. MuseScore could use the Wizard to to help newbies create both some simple scores and some more complicated ones, one of which could be the current demo score. Such score-building example exercises could be aimed at newbies, Intermediate, and advanced users ... but the target final products should also be made available both as MuseScore files and as .PDF files, in case a user inadvertently changes a model final MuseScore and wants still to have an unchanged model score available.