Crash when deleting a tuplet from a MusicXML import

• Jul 30, 2010 - 04:04
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Whenever I try to delete, replace by rest, cut a bar containing triplet note(s), the MuseScore will crash immediately.

It means if I put some triplet notes in the document, it can't be edit any more.

I have to solve this problem ASAP.


It does not help. Give exact steps to reproduce your crash.
I just create a score with a picollo in 4/4
press 6
press Ctrl +3 to enter a quarter notes triplet
press C D E
press C D to add two more quarters
then I select and press Del and the measure is gone.
No crash.

What is "tuplets with empty baseNote".....?QQ

I use SharpEye to OCR a PDF sheet, and save as xml. Then I open it with MuseScore.
First, there is no this kind of problem. However, after some times of open and close the document, the this problem was revealed.

Title Triplet Deleting Crash Crash when deleting a tuplet from a MusicXML import

The problem is due to the MusicXML import. No baselen is assigned to a tuplet.
To reproduce:

  1. Create a simple score with a quarter note triplet
  2. Save as MusicXML and close
  3. Open the MusicXML file
  4. Delete the measure with the tuplet

--> Crash

Status (old) active fixed

Fixed in r3342. The handling of tuplet has changed in the trunk and so the exact same patch does not apply. This bug may remain in the trunk.

We will issue a MuseScore to address this particular issue and couple of others.