Musical Casio Keyboard

• Oct 5, 2010 - 21:05

Hello everbody, am a student and now i want buy a keyboard, but a cheap keyboard to write more easy scores using the keyboard i founded a Casio LK 220 KT ( // )

I was think in use this, someone please can tell me a good experience to use a keyboard + musescore, and anothers soft like Jack , Qjackcontrol ...

I will apreciate for enlighten to choice some musical keyboard to use especialy with linux or windows.

Really regards,


I had a look at the specifications of the keyboard and I am sure it is sufficient
for Musescore. as it has MIDI and 61 keys is a good size.

When buying a keyboard to connect to a computer you need to consider
if you want a stand along keyboard such as the Casio which has its own sounds.
At least you can play the piano and explore music making, then connect to
Musescore when you are ready to capture your score.


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ozcaveman, really tanks,

I want a musical keyboard, because i want play with connect computer and too play without connect in pc.

ozcaveman, more late i will buy a controller midi with usb just for pc. but I will just buy an instrument at a time .

I will back to store with the notebook to test , if will be positive I have the great pleasure to tell here, and even take some pictures to show for the buddies.


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I Buyed, its very cool, the casio was recognized by kernel, and jack automatic, i dont test in windows yet, maybe another day.

I m very happy =)

The keyboard have a "local" mode set, if you want disable sounds from keyboard and let the software set output. I test with bristol and alsa.

Now, greatz folks i set the configuration as:

In I/O tab i disable Jack Out, and Jack Server.
In Alsa i set True
Portaudio let untouched.

The Pro Point is, Its very better write score and very easy.
The Against Point is, no sound output by Musescore, :\

The time note and pause is need set in pc changing and choicing in musescore.
I was think in use the qsynth or another softsynth to output sounds in musescore i think is a good suggestion.

The conection Jack Schema

Oz, again very tnx.


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