[LilyPond] Quote marks in lyrics need to be escaped

• Nov 22, 2010 - 04:02

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Open the attached file: "lyric - quotes.mscz"
2. Save as LilyPond format

Expected behavior: Double quotes in the lyrics should be escaped as such:

"\"You" must "escape!\"" said he.

Actual behavior: The lyrics are exported as:

 "You must escape!" said he.

Discussion: LilyPond uses double quotes to add several syllables to the same note. To distinguish from this type of use the quotes should be escape. For details see: http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.12/Documentation/user/lilypond/Entering-lyri…

MuseScore version: stable

(Operating System: Windows 7)

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Fix in r3736 (trunk) and r3727 (branch).
In the trunk, there are new problems regarding lilypond export and possibly other import/export filter

Status (old) fixed active

Except the fix apparently caused a different problem. It erroneously inserts underscores (which are normally used for marking syllables that are sung over multiple notes).

"\"You" must  _ "escape!\""  _ said  _ he.  _ 

If you export to .ly and create a PDF using LilyPond the lyrics are align as shown below. Notice that some syllables get more than one note (which doesn't match the original MuseScore file), and there is not enough room to print all the syllables.

 |   | |  |  |
"You must escape!" 
Status (old) active fixed

It was not related and not a regression due to the fix. But it's solved in r3728 in trunk (Not present in branch)