[1.0] bww import

• Dec 21, 2010 - 21:19
S5 - Suggestion

Before I copy the bww importer to the 0.9.6.x branch, I'd like get a confirmation from Werner, Nicolas or Thomas that it is OK to do so. I believe the cost(risk)/benefit calculation is not mine to make, as I do not maintain the branch.

As said before, the risk is low and the reward high (I am unaware of competitors able to read bww files).

For me, this would be an easy job for the Christmas holiday.

Regards, Leon.


I don't foresee any problem with it. If I'm not wrong it will only add one string in the "open file dialog" right?
The importer is independent enough.

Two questions though.

  1. In the trunk, the support for BWW is "experimental" in the open file dialog. Do you consider it still experimental? I guess no.
  2. Could you commit a couple of BWW or even better your testsuite if you have one ?

Yes, the changes to the core only enable opening a bww file and call the correct importer. This affects files CMakeLists.txt, file.cpp, importbww.cpp, score.cpp and score.h. Will try to get that done a.s.a.p., after that the changes are only in the actual importing of bww.

To answer your questions:
1. no I don't consider bww experimental anymore (though bugs will undoubtedly stil be present), I just forgot to remove the remark.
2. yes, a (small) testsuite will be included

Status (old) fixed active

I tried to open a couple of files and there are all with two sharps in the keysig . Is that on purpose ?
I also lack the end barline.
Other than that, it looks great ! A pity it does not sound ;)
Maybe we could add bagpipes to the instrument list ? People will feel weird being able to import BWW and not create easily bagpipes scores

The bagpipe is tuned G, A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G and A, but by convention written without the sharps. I think the easiest way to achieve that is to set the key signature to two sharps and hide it. Will implement that shortly. Same goes for end barline.

Adding bagpipe to the instrument list sounds like a good idea to me. As I am not familiar with instuments.xml, could you do that ?

Partial fix committed. Unfortunately, the first key signature is correctly hidden, but the generated key signatures in following systems aren't. I am still trying to find a workable solution. I probably could hide all generated key signatures if the first key signature is hidden, but I am not sure if that wouldn't lead to undesired behaviour in some cases. It would certainly affect more than just the bww importer.

What about setting the style -> Edit global style -> Page-> Hide keysig ?
On other hand, I checked bagpipe player and the two sharps are displayed. I guess the sharps can remain in MuseScore.

Regarding the instruments.xml file, I checked sibelius and there is no sharps in the keysig when you create a score. I will check others. As I guess you are a bagpipe player, what would be your expectation?

Something else regarding the import, I saw that you choose Clarinet (72) for the midi program. Is there any problem using (109) Bagpipe ? It's one of the parameter of the instruments.xml file for new score creation.

As I am actually not a bagpipe player (surprise ! I only play classical guitar), my bagpipe information is based on what is available on the net. As far as I know, tuning G, A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G, A but not writing the sharps is the convention. I may be wrong here.

We can probably either just leave the key signature visible as two sharps or use a hidden key signature of two sharps (but that means that the key signatures generated by mscore must be hidden too). I tend to opt for the second choice, but need to investigate further. If that doesn't work, I'll unhide the key signature. I don't have a very firm opinion here and would be happy to get feedback especially from the bagpipe playing community.

Program number is fine by me.

Finally, I implemented bww import simply because I thought it would give mscore an advantage that would hopefully lead to a larger user base.

I guess you checked bagpipe player ? Being one of the reference, they display the sharps, so I wouldn't bother.
Moreover if you type "bagpipe music" on google images, a lot of them got sharps.

Status (old) active fixed

Disabled hiding of key signature in revision 3843. Once again, as far as I am concerned, bww import is done. What remains is fixing any bugs we find.