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• Jan 17, 2011 - 10:06

This is a follow up post on the request by Kim to translate MuseScore to Korean.

The current status can be seen at

Besides translating all the menu & handbook pages, there is one thing that needs to be done manually. Could someone translate the following strings to Korean and post them in a comment:

  • Free music composition & notation software
  • Free Download
  • Version
  • Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, 2002-2011 Werner Schweer and others.


Hi Thomas.

Please refer below of translation to Korean.

"Free music composition & notation software" --> 무료 악보작성 소프트웨어

"Free Download" --> 무료 다운로드

"Version" --> 버젼
"Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, 2002-2011 Werner Schweer and others"
---> 2002-2011 Werner Schweer 등에 의한 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 하에서 라이센스 허가

As you know, I start to translation work couple of week before.
It is very difficult for me, but I keep going to my translation work and I hope to finish my work until end of March If possible.

Best regards,

JongHo Kim.

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Hi Kim,

Thank you for the translations. Take your time to do the translation work. It's indeed a huge job and I hope you might get help along the way. On the long term, you work will have a huge impact for the adoption of MuseScore in music education.

MuseScore 1.0 will be released before your translation is finished, but there will be future bug fix releases so by that time, the complete translation will be shipped with MuseScore.

We welcome Creation Yun as new Korean translator.

Let's define the state of the Korean translation:


Status: Pretty ok, just 129 strings are not translated. In order to finish that translation, check out the video at
Use the filter to find out which strings still need to be translated. When done, you will be able to download the latest Korean language pack under the download tab.

Handbook & Video captions

The site at contains several pages that need to be translated: menu pages, handbook pages and video captions. You can check the status via the Translate block in the right menu bar: Click on Website content link > Korean > and you end up here.
You can also work the other way around: go to the English handbook at and then choose which page you wish to translate. Each page has a translate tab at the top which you can click on.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

무료 작곡 & 기보 프로그램
(무료[無料] means charge free. not the freedom. I think there is no word for including two of them. freedom is 자유[自由])
(작곡[作曲] : making music , 기보[記譜] : write score)
(I feel familiar to Program(프로그램) than Software(소프트웨어). They are the words that written by pronounciation and I'm native.)

무료 다운로드
(다운로드, like same, It's written by pronounciation. there is alternative & pure korean 내려받기, but generally we use 다운로드 more times than 내려받기.)

(using pure korean 판(pan) is very rare case)

크리에이티브 커먼즈 3.0 라이센스, 2001~2011 Werner Schweer 외(外).
(removed "Licensed under" for naturality.)
(You can see 외[外] at books that have many authors. It means outside.)

and also, I think 시퀸서[si qwin ser] is better for sequencer than 시퀜서[si qwen ser] at main page. I search DAWs by that word, not 시퀜서. 시퀸서 is more closer to konglish(korean english).

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Thank you for posting your improvements. I think I updated the slogan according to your advice, but I have a hard time to understand how I should improve the others.

You have translation rights now to change the text on You can see a block in the sidebar now, with a link to "Website strings" where you can search the Korean text that you wish to replace. It would be great if you could help us out improving the Korean translation.

Welcome on board!

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Thank you for revision and translation rights.
I was light user for Finale Notepad and I tried to use MuseScore... but. .. It was hard to define how to use :)
now, I want to learn it~

And, I have question. Words at Pallete objects are cutted by height. words are much bigger. How can it be changed (I did not changed windows theme.) A) in locally and B) for new release of musescore (updating current musescore)?

for example, 장식음표 looks like 상식음표, 드럼 looks like 느럼, 조표 looks like 소표, 박자 기호 looks like 박사 기호... etc

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