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• Feb 2, 2011 - 23:02

I have been searching through the forums, but can't seem to find exactly what I am looking for.

Are there step by step instructions on how to create a custom Tablature, including how to create the symbols, and how to insert it into Musescore to allow their use in any score?


In the current stable version and in the coming version 1.0 it is not possible to create custom tablatures (in fact, tablature support is VERY limited).

In the next version, currently under development, available through nightly build (see the "Download" link), also known as 'trunk', but NOT stable and NOT suggested for any 'mission-critical' job, tablatures are highly configurable; documentation is still being written but you may have some detail here .


Ok, I read through that and understand a little more about tablature use in Musescore in general, but I think I stated my initial question incorrectly. What I am trying to actually figure out is how to import my tablature symbology into the pallet area so I can use it in any score I create.

In v1.0, I have been able to figure out how to create a pallet box titled "Autoharp", but I can not for the life of me figure out how to get my symbology into the program so I can put it in the pallet box. I had no better luck in the R.3997 nightly build.

Is there a way to do this? If there is, I would like to be able to submit the completed pallet when I finish makeing it for inclusion with Musescore for anyone else to use.

I have attached a PDF copy of the tablature symbology used in Autoharp playing if that will help anyone better understand what it is I am trying to do.

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Currently it's not possible to add your own symbol in MuseScore except if you use text and a dedicated font.
How would you like this to happen ? In which format do you have your symbols? Do you know any other scorewriter where you can put your own symbol? If yes, we can take a look to their approach.

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Thanks for the reply.

As for how I would like it to happen, I think the easiest way for the user might be for some way to right click on a user created pallet box and have an option to "Import Symbol(s)" then the user could navigate to the folder on their computer and select one or more graphics files to import. I imagine some kind of pixle size limitation would have to be set so that muse score is not slowed by having to read the symbols.

I currently have all my tablature symbols saved in .tiff format.

I know that Sibelius will allow this. One of my Autoharp friends has sent me the his Siblius tablature file and I have included it as an attachemnt for you to look at their approach.

Thank you, and all the other Musescore Devs for even considering this.

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Thanks for your input. As a workaround, and a workaround only, in the current version of MuseScore, you could convert your tiff files to JPG or PNG and include them as Image in your score. Read the handbook about Image .

As far as I can tell from the sibelius file, the symbols are not incorporated in Sibelius palettes but just put in the score as images.

I created PNG for you to use from your tif image. Please see the attached zip. You might want to scale them down. See the attached mscz file.

In the future, the best way would be to have the symbols as SVG, since they will scale with the score when you zoom without any pixelling.

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Thanks for the workaround in the current version, and the suggestion for converting the images to SVG.

I see in the .mscz file that the symbol backgrounds are not transparent. Musescore will support them having a transparent background right? I just have to make sure I set the background transparent when I convert to SVG if it does.

I will talk to my friend about how they are using the Sibelius file, and get back with you.

Again, thanks for the help so far..

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The symbols are not transparent in Sibelius neither and I didn't know if it was on purpose or not. I converted them to transparent PNGs. Find the zip attached.
Converting the TIFF to SVG is not an option. TIFF is bitmap format (storing pixels) while SVG is a vector format (storing forms). For the best result, the symbols should be replicated with a vector graphics editor.

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