unable to create slash-headed notes on drum staff

• Feb 18, 2011 - 03:15
S4 - Minor

1. on drum part, enter four middle line quarter notes
2. select, note properties, change to slash head
Result: no slashes created. Currently no direct way to create four slashes in a drum part, or indeed any sort of slash-headed note. The drumset designer could be used for this if it supported slash heads, but it does not. I worked around it by editing the drumset file by hand, adding a drum that displays as a slash-headed note. I can then hide the stems on this note normally. That's not something the average person will figure out. I think the default drumset should include a slash headed note on the middle line by default. The drumset designer should allow for slash head (trying to edit my drum using the drumset designer crashes MuseScore), and ideally, should allow for hidden stems as well so they don't have to be done after the fact. Ultimately, I'd like to see a slash and rhythmic notation facility for all staves, not just drums. But right now, at least those notation styles *can* be created for other staves - just not for drums.


Thanks for pointing this out! I had verified that trying to change to slash head after the fact didn't work (since notes are locked to their defined heads), but hadn't verified whether they could be set in the drum set editor. Definitely worth backporting to 1.0 in my opinion.