chordname scrolls offscreen

• Feb 18, 2011 - 03:42
S4 - Minor

Version 1.0, Windows Vista

1. create a new document with too many staves to fit on screen (eg, concert band template).
2. scroll down to bottom staff
3. select a note/rest and hit Ctrl-K to enter a chord
Result: canvas scrolls to top so you can’t see what you are typing


I made a cheap fix in both 1.X branch and trunk by removing the adjustCanvasPosition call (lyrics are handled the same) in r4290 and r4291.

Status (old) closed active

Let me know if I need to submit a new bug for this, but it appears perhaps the "cheap fix" didn't actually make it into the trunk? Definitely still an issue in recent 2.0 builds. See for example the attached score.

1) open score
2) scroll down to bass part
3) click the first note
4) ctrl-K
5) type G7
6) space

Result: score scrolls vertically to the top of page, pushing the staff you are working on offscreen, so you are now working blind

Expect result: bass staff stays visible

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