[1.0] Percussion sounds not exported correctly in MusicXML

• Mar 18, 2011 - 17:59
S4 - Minor

I use Finale Reader to read all articulations that MuseScore can't read yet, but always that I've tried export to MusicXML scores that have percussion instruments, Finale Reader and Sibelius can't open them properly. They don't appear on the line of the score, and they don't sound with the instrument that they have to sound.

I've attached the MuseScore file and the MusicXML file

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Percussion.mscz 1.76 KB
Percussion.xml 12.35 KB


The musicXML file is not related. It's a SATB, not a percussion one and there is no ornement in the percussion.mscz file except the tremolo.

The MusicXML is the same file as the .mscz. I've saved the same project in both formats. Did you try to open the musicXML with Finale Reader or Sibelius? Try to do it and you'll understand what I mean

Title [1.0] The percussion doesn't exports it properly on MusicXML [1.0] Percussion sounds not exported correctly in MusicXML
Status (old) active fixed

Fixed in trunk and branch (r4107 r4108)