Color/Uncolor Notes v1.2

That's the 'Color Notes' plugin from musescore with the following extensions:

  • recalling the color notes from Plugins/Color/Uncolor Notes now chances all notes back into black
  • adjustment to some color's to improve contrast on a white screen background
    or when you print out the sheets
  • reordered colors so related/consonant tones have similar color
    See for a nice introduction on this
    Practical print and readability on paper not tested so far. Edit file and comment in old "var colors" or use version 1.1
  • added more comments to the source code

Current Version: 1.2 (Dec 2014)

copy/overwrite 'colornotes.js' in
c:\Program Files\MuseScore\plugins\
or run the included colornotes-install.cmd that may do the job for you

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