Concertina Tablature

Based on Schweer's Recorder fingering, this plugin adds the Concertina button to press and push vs pull under the note.

Concertina keyboards supported:

  1. 20 key Anglo Wheatstone Concertina
  2. 30 key Anglo Wheatstone Concertina

Buttons are numbered from 1-10 (1-5 on left side, 6-10 on the right)
Underlined button means push, no underline pull
Second row is 1'-10' and on 30 button third row is 1'' -10''

Happy to add more keyboard mappings. I play a 30 key anglo so that is where I started.

No special fonts to install. Should work on all OSs. Tested on OSX and Windows with MuseScore 1.0 and 1.1.

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